What Are The Causes of Depression in Women?

What Are The Causes of Depression in Women?

Women participation in every aspect of the life is commendable, their duties do not end and their roles keep on getting tough. While we have always been seeing the brighter side of a women’s life, a dark truth accompanies their burdened responsibilities and some drastic expectations! Women are more likely to die early by depression than men, during the recent years in which women’s risk to death increased significantly, their roles have changed dramatically both at home and at workplace. Women are now running the houses, managing their home and shouldering multiple responsibilities at once. We are sorted enough when it comes to daily needs, an entire world runs online. From the daily necessities to the essential vitals, there is nothing which cannot be ordered or delivered at home, various offers to buy medicines online and get clothes delivered at home serve as a perfect example. We are too busy to find peace and here comes the devil Depression, a human dislikes isolation, continued isolation for a prolonged time leads to low self-confidence and thus a person falls into depression. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression in women can help sort future issues :- Depressed all day long Loss of interest or pleasure in activities they used to enjoy Feelings of guilt and hopelessness Appetite and weight changes Disturbed sleep pattern Difficulty in concentrating Suicidal thoughts Women tend to experience certain depression symptoms more often than men, these include- seasonal affective disorder, depression in winters due to lack of sunlight, excessive sleeping and eating. What are the causes of Depression in Women? Women are at higher risk to be a depression victim; the causes can be many :- 1. Psychological causes These causes include crying to relieve emotional stress, telling people about the issues, feelings of stress at work and home, feeling discouraged about body image. 2. Social causes These causes include marital or relationship problems, family pressures, feeling of discrimination at work, persistent money problems, sudden death of a loved one. 3. Biological and hormonal causes These causes include premenstrual problems, hormonal fluctuations, PMS, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, infertility and issues in pregnancy, menopause, health issues and medication side effects. Tips to fight Depression The most imperative thing to look after is building a strong self-esteem and taking small but powerful steps to come out of the low life condition. Below listed are some tips to deal depression :- Find a listener : It is important to talk! Have a conversation with someone you think will listen to you. Share your worries, fear and everything bothering you. Be social : Even if you do not enjoy much being social, indulge in social activities at least once a week, this can keep your mind busy with people around. Sleep well : Sleeping well is important for the mental wellbeing, sleep well at least for 7 hours a night to feel fresh and rejuvenated every morning. Practice meditation : Practice meditation regularly. It helps in relieving stress and keeping your mind fresh and active. Stay progressive with every relaxation technique. Challenge negativity : Do not let the negative thoughts bother you a lot, challenge every negativity you come across and find positivity in every aspect you look. Fight depression brave!

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