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There’s a lot of nutrition advice out there for men looking to stay healthy, and get more energy in their busy lives. Unfortunately, a lot of this advice is wrong ― and could lead men to choose unhealthy diets that are even worse for them in the long run. Herbalife Nutrition is working to dispel those myths with a few well-grounded facts. Here’s what you should know:

The “Many Small Meals a Day” Diet Doesn’t Burn More Calories

You may have heard advice about eating six meals a day instead of three, along with promises about how this helps your body burn more calories. Sorry guys ― spacing out meals into smaller portions doesn’t change how many calories you burn at all. This is just a myth that got made up due to ignorant advice. Eating several smaller meals a day does have benefits, though ― it provides you with steadier energy and fewer crashes, and it helps you control eating urges more effectively.

Whole Wheat vs. Whole Grain Is a Big Difference

Brown breads are frequently labeled “whole wheat” and promise to be healthier for your average lunch sandwich. Unfortunately, this is a bit of misdirection. The bread may look different, but the flour is basically made in the same super-processed way as conventional bread, just with extra wheat germ added. For a real nutritional difference, look for “whole grain” breads, which include more wheat ingredients in processing and are healthier overall.

Superfoods Are Great for Men, Too

While a lot of “superfoods” are marketed more to women, they have excellent benefits for men ― sometimes, even more so. Blueberries, chia seeds, raw chocolate, and other foods packed with antioxidants make a great addition to meals, serve as good snacks, and provide men with plenty of energy without an extra-high calorie cost.

Red Meat Isn’t Off the Menu

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of red meat, especially when it comes to heart disease and similar problems. However, research is very much undecided on this: There’s no definite proof that red meat increases heart disease or causes similar problems. A more pertinent issue is the quality of the meat. When possible, stay away from ground red meats that tend to be loaded with fat, and go for leaner cuts. Grilling is fine, however, and can actually melt off fat and make meat even healthier, as long as you don’t char the meat too much.

Calorie Counts Aren’t the Whole Story

You may have heard that protein is great for men’s nutrition, but did you wonder why? It’s because counting calories doesn’t give you the whole story ― the metabolic effects of food and how your body uses calories are also very important. Protein is great because your body burns a portion of the calories to digest it, and protein tends to be very efficient when converted to molecules your body can use. Eat the same calorie amount of carbs, however, and your body will burn fewer calories and end up storing more as fat.

Lean and Low-Fat Foods Aren’t Always As Promised

A lot of foods are marketed to guys as “low fat” or “lean” which sounds great ― but often isn’t. Always look at the labels on the food you buy, particularly any processed food. Manufacturers will often take out fats and add in sugars and sodium. Check salt levels and added sugar before you make a food purchase.

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