Ease Menopause Symptoms With Bioidentical Hormone

Ease Menopause Symptoms With Bioidentical Hormone

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment New Jersey | Inspire Med SpaAre you looking for Bioidentical Hormone Treatment New Jersey? Your search ends at Inspire Med Spa the one stop destination of the same. Call on +1 201 933 2333 to know more. Though Menopause marks the end of one stage of life, it does not mark the end of your life. Life begins at 50 the kids are starting their lives, and you are free to pursue anything you want. It’s like your twenties with more experience and knowledge. So don’t let menopause hold you back or keep you down. If you would like to know more about menopause treatment, continue reading. Menopause Menopause by definition is simply the period when a woman stops having her menstrual flow. Usually, starts between the ages of 45-50 but can occur earlier among other women. Typical symptoms of menopause Menopause occurs in three stages:- Perimenopause- This is the period in which your body starts to reduce in its reproductive abilities, the beginning of the end of your reproductive years, the body produces less estrogen during this time. Menopause occurs when a full year goes by without you having your period. Post menopause is all the years after menopause takes place. Symptoms of menopause: Irregular periods Vaginal dryness Hot flashes Chills Night Sweats Sleep problems/ insomnia Mood changes Weight gain and slowed metabolism Thinning hair and dry skin Loss of breast fullness Joint/ muscle pain bladder control problems heart disease osteoporosis poor skin elasticity Some women can go through this period with no help especially when the symptoms are relatively tolerable, but some women experience extreme difficulty during this time and can even fall prey to depression. The symptoms relate in some ways to one another: sleep problems come by most likely the night sweats. Lack of sleep for an extended period results in mood swings and if this goes on it might lead to depression. Irregular periods, vaginal dryness, increased weight gain loss of breast fullness, hot flashes, chills, and sweats are results of low estrogen levels. Osteoporosis is a bone disease, and the reduction in estrogen reduces bone leading to fragile bones. Heart disease increases when the levels of estrogen reduce. Cardiovascular disease is one of the top killers of both men and women. If you can fix the issue with estrogen levels, your menopause transition will be much friendlier. Is Bioidentical hormones therapy, the fountain of youth? (Also known as natural therapy.) The search for a more natural holistic treatment that is potentially less harmful and negatively impacting, has led to an increasingly popular form of hormonal therapy. Bioidentical hormones – these hormones are very much similar in fact identical in molecular structure to the hormones women produce in their bodies. Naturally, bioidentical estrogen hormones are not found in this form naturally occurring in nature but are manufactured, or synthesized, from a plant chemical extracted from yams and soy. Currently, there’s no one definition provided but plainly put its the use of externally produced hormones which act similarly to hormones produced by the body. Bioidentical hormones work by tricking the body into thinking it is still in its reproductive years. The estrogen hormone is introduced to the body rejuvenating it and increasing its vitality. The use of bioidentical hormone therapy is said to reduce the risks of getting cancer, brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even heart disease as long as the appropriate diet and exercises are in play as well. To the vainer side of life reports of a decrease in hair thinning, an increase in the energy levels, less painful migraines and also the elasticity and luster of the skin becomes better. Inspire Med Spa BHRT at Inspire Med Spa is custom fitted to each customer. Depending on your menopause experiences the level of treatment will cater to your specific needs. BHRT replaces the identical hormones that are in less production by your body during the menopause phase. Therefore the hormones function as though your body produces them. BHRT is also known as the restorative medicine since each particle produced works the same way as those in the body. The treatment before commencement first entails a series of tests to see what works for your body in particular. Research is currently ongoing where BHRT is concerned; we are staying on top of the new and innovative ways to allow all of us to continue to feel young healthy and energetic. Contact one of our physicians to see if BHRT is the right choice for you.

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