5 Medical Specialists You May Not Know Exist

In the massive healthcare industry, there are some medical specialists that you may not even realize exist. This is probably good news since it means you haven’t needed their super-specialized services. Here are five titles you may not have realized are actual specialists. 


This sounds very high tech, and it sort of is. An implantologist is a dentist that has received extensive training in the area of placing dental implants. There is even a journal of dental implantology, available online, that highlights news and discoveries in the field. 

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

If you are a diver, then this specialist is for you. They often treat illnesses related to diving accidents and decompression sickness. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine specialists are experts in the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers and may be consulted to treat non-diving related conditions ranging from gas exposure to burns or other difficult to heal wounds. 

Osteopathic Medicine

The title Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) is conferred to medical doctors who receive specialized training in whole-body approaches to care. This involves integrating modern medical science with natural alternatives designed to allow the body a chance at self-healing.


Talk about a subspecialty. Neuro-ophthalmologists study conditions that affect the optic nerve. These can include types of neuropathy and palsy that affect the eyes, optic nerve, and brain. 

Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine

You don’t want to see your loved ones, or yourself, suffer at the end of their lives. Hospice and Palliative Care doctors are specially trained in dealing with the complex issues around end of life care. They can help relieve suffering and ensure your loved one is as comfortable as possible despite a terminal medical condition. These specialists are trained to not only treat the patient’s physical conditions, but also their emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well. They often work with a specialized care team to address the needs of both the patient and their family. 

Even if you never have cause to visit one of these specialists, you can rest assured knowing they are ready to diagnose or treat illnesses within their specific areas of training.

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