Why Granola Bars Are Better Than Processed Protein Bars

Why Granola Bars Are Better Than Processed Protein Bars

Many of the people nowadays are switching towards having nutrition and protein bars unlike earlier when this trend was limited to a set of people who were either into fitness or where in general very health or calorie conscious. The fast paced life these days actually does not allow a lot of room for the people to have a proper balanced meal three times a day. Either people are on the go, are stressed out to eat properly, or are short of time to spend a lot of time on eating. There are also people whose work involves a lot of travelling and they do not find a place to snack. In the end they here t resort to the fast food corners which are not hygienic or healthy. The food that people eat in the fast food corners, instead of providing the right energy and power required by a person to deal with the situation and the life that he is in, it actually adds up to the misery by making him lethargic , sluggish and inefficient. If this kind of a lifestyle should not affect your health actively or passively one must take care and eat accordingly and rightly to full fill all the deficiencies that the body faces as well as it should not be surplus so that it accumulates in their body as fats. Before we come to the actual question as to which is better the granola bars or the processed protein bars. Let us put some light on what should be the composition of the nutrition bar. It is good to have the following in your protein bar:

PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) (Pronounced as Moo-fah) Protein Dietary Fiber It is not recommended to have the following in your protein bar. Read the nutrition facts of the protein bar that you are having in case your nutrition bar is having quantities of any of these, remember that it is not advisable to consume quantities of these. One more thing I would like to mention is that nothing is harmful if taken in limited quantities which are present in the natural granola ingredients. As they are present in their natural form limited consumption of these items are not harmful: Refined Sugar Added Sugar Cholesterol Transfat Gluten There is another food fad or a myth that people follow that natural sugar in the granola bars in harmful for health however the one which is harmful is the added sugar. The amount of carb in the granola bars is always more than the protein composition which is present in the bars this is because the carbohydrates are the source of the immediate energy source which the body uses for its day to day activities. So it is perfectly fine to have a larger amount of carbs in your bar compared to the protein, fats, or dietary fiber. Talking about fiber it is not digestible by the body however it plays a very crucial role in the process of digestion. Hence have as much fire as possible for a healthy digestive system which reflects on the performance of your overall metabolism.

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